• n3 MEMBERS 16,000
  • MONEY SAVED $72,000,000*

Success Stories

Our 16,000 Members have saved over $72,000,000. Here are some of their stories.

$39,575 saved

Brightwater Engineering Limited

"Since joining n3 through Transporting NZ, we've witnessed immense savings thanks to our dedicated account manager. The simplicity of n3 has brought tangible benefits to our company and employees. We've noticed significant reductions in costs across our main Suppliers, and with Trade Cards at our fingertips, we're unlocking even more savings. n3 has truly transformed our bottom line."

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$1,321 saved

Bryant Earthworks Ltd

"Being part of the Civil Contractors NZ Association, we appreciate having a supportive network that includes access to n3. n3 is a great group to be with, it doesn’t matter where you are in the country, you still get the best pricing."

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$30,161 saved

King Cooling & Heat Pumps Ltd

"Because n3 has already done the negotiations, we know we're getting the best possible pricing when purchasing products from n3 suppliers. The savings we make through n3 we pass on to our clients, meaning we can offer more cost-effective solutions than our competitors. "

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$2,015 saved

Eastland Fire Compliance & Locking Ltd

"Our business is kept busy looking after our customers. I don’t have time to run around negotiating prices and service agreements with every supplier we may need. I’m happy n3 does this for me, and the proof is in the savings we’ve been making every year. "

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$1,781 saved

Cenkaro Limited

"We’ve been with n3 via the Registered Master Builders Association for around a year now. For us, the n3 offer has enhanced our purchasing power."

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$18,330 saved

Texture Group

"Using n3 is a simple way for us to save money on materials we need for our landscape construction projects. One the best things we find is all the work and negotiating with suppliers is done for us - saving us time and money."

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$19,357 saved

Citycare Limited

"n3 gives us access to quality products, from leading suppliers at better pricing. It means we can focus more time on managing supplier relationships and less time negotiating, because n3 has done that for us. "

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$241,826 saved

Quality Roading and Services Limited

"n3 has enabled us to get really good rates within a very competitive market. We've had a longstanding history of 20 years with n3 - right back to the days of the Government Stores Board."

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