• n3 MEMBERS 16,000
  • MONEY SAVED $67,000,000*

Success Stories

Our 16,000 Members have saved over $72,000,000. Here are some of their stories.

$20,174 saved

Northbridge Lifecare Trust

"We use n3 to access great business savings. The detailed expenditure reports we receive assist us with our budgeting and resource planning. The significant time savings are a standout advantage, as n3 handles all the heavy lifting for us. Additionally, they serve as an invaluable source of knowledge. Highly recommended!"

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$23,222 saved

Wellington Free Ambulance Inc

"We love having suppliers available within the n3 network that have already had due diligence undertaken by n3, and they have negotiated the best price for us. We can access a range of suppliers and discounts without having to spend hours completing full procurement exercises."

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$22,716 saved

Site Safe New Zealand

"n3 is so easy to use. Many of our staff work regionally, the n3 Trade Card enables them to pick up supplies easily and quickly when travelling between training courses, events, consultations and audits. "

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