• n3 MEMBERS 16,000
  • MONEY SAVED $72,000,000*

Success Stories

Our 16,000 Members have saved over $72,000,000. Here are some of their stories.

$13,180 saved

Mount Maunganui Golf Club

"I first discovered n3 in a previous job and immediately saw how much we could save with different Suppliers. At Mount Maunganui Golf Club, we've expanded our n3 accounts and are now looking for more Supplier options. The main benefits are the clear savings and discounts, and the biggest change has been finding new Suppliers through n3's buying power."

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$33,430 saved

North Shore Golf Club

"n3 helps us access better discounts than we could negotiate alone, thanks to their strong buying power. We've found the Trade Card handy for Suppliers we don't use often, saving us from opening new accounts while still getting discounts. "

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$986 saved

Gymnastics New Zealand

"We access the benefits of n3 via NZ Sport to help with reducing business costs and enhancing purchasing performance. We don’t need to waste time worrying if we are getting the best discounts as the negotiating has already been done for us by n3. Our staff really enjoy the Trade Card App as it saves the hassle of remembering to have the card on you. "

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$3,914 saved

Pakuranga Golf

"We've been a member of n3 since 2012, through Sport NZ. By negotiating pricing, n3 helps us save on costs. They also regularly update their offers and bring on new Suppliers. "

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$4,941 saved

Vertical Horizon

"We have been with n3 for over 10 years now, and the savings we’ve made have helped us invest in our people, our centre, and disadvantaged children in Bagdogra, India"

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$5,227 saved

Euroagri Imports 2009 Ltd

"The n3 Trade Card is very handy, but our best savings come from the n3 suppliers we use every month on-account."

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