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"As a business owner, you’re constantly analysing your costs and looking for the best deals available. I've found n3 is a simple way of reducing business costs and once we had our suppliers set up with n3, it was painless to operate and no effort to manage. Saving us time and money" - Matthew Malcolm - Managing Director

Southern Cross Produce Ltd markets its fresh produce under the ‘So Sweet’ brand from their ‘state of the art’ packaging and distribution complex in Southland and currently employs around 30 full time staff.

We recently spoke with Matthew Malcolm, Managing Director of Southern Cross Produce to find out the many benefits he gets from his n3 membership:

"n3 helped us get better pricing with our existing suppliers, such as PGG Wrightson, who we were already trading with. We've also opened new accounts with suppliers, so we can access preferential n3 pricing whenever we need to...n3 has been simple to set up, use and save.

There are so many reward points schemes now, that are complicated, and people don’t end up using them as a result. We like that n3 is simple and you get the benefit straight away."

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*Based on member spend February 2021 until February 2022.

Key Suppliers for Southern Cross Produce

PGG Wrightson


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Typical savings

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