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Now Business

Are you getting the most from your telecommunications provider?

With the average business estimating it could last just 16.5 hours without the internet and 1 in 4 needing it back within an hour to keep going, it's clear that solid connectivity is the lifeblood of Kiwi business. Now Business have highlighted a few simple tips to ensure you're getting the most from your current provider.

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TWG 800

Noel Leeming: Making good on our EV commitments

n3 Supplier Noel Leeming, part of The Warehouse Group, is taking great steps toward constantly improving sustainability. Below, they update some measures they are taking to improve their sustainability and encourage their customers to be sustainable.

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person working from home

Three key devices to make flexible working work for you

Many businesses are moving toward more flexible working arrangements. There are a huge range of tech options available that can help ensure a seamless transition and a consistent working experience, Noel Leeming has some great tips on devices you should consider for flexible working.

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How much could you save?

How much could you save?

Find out what the group buying power of over 15,000 businesses could save you.

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Smart home consultation

Are we ready for Smart Homes?

Bringing technology into the home is becoming an increasing consideration, particularly with today's new builds. Noel Leeming weighs in on some key considerations for builders and their clients when it comes to setting up a smart home.

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