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Noel Leeming: Making good on our EV commitments

Feb 22, 2022, 13:49 PM by n3 on behalf of The Warehouse Group
n3 Supplier Noel Leeming, part of The Warehouse Group, is taking great steps toward constantly improving sustainability. Below, they update some measures they are taking to improve their sustainability and encourage their customers to be sustainable.

n3 Supplier Noel Leeming, part of The Warehouse Group (TWG), is taking great steps towards constantly improving sustainability.

Since achieving carbon neutrality in February 2019, The Warehouse Group has shown no signs of slowing in their drive towards sustainability. Today, they see steps taken throughout their value chain and approach in educating their stakeholders - helping them make informed decisions around sustainability. These achievements reflect TWG's founder, Sir Stephen Tindall’s legacy and their purpose in helping Kiwis live better every day.

Below, they provide an update on some of the measures they are taking to improve their sustainability and encourage their customers to be sustainable.

"With transportation being the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions growth in New Zealand, taking a critical look at our actions as one of the largest organisations in the country is paramount. Our goal is to reduce our group’s carbon emissions by 32% by 2030. In doing so, we have accelerated the deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) and electric vehicle charging stations through our active emissions reduction programme. Through this programme, we continue to transition our light commercial vehicle fleet to Electric Vehicles (EVs).

To date, we have transitioned 63% of the group’s passenger fleet to Electric Vehicles (EVs), with plans to transition the remainder of the fleet by early 2023. This will account for 360 tonnes of carbon emissions each year, to be replaced. What's more, we have plans in place to transition more than seventy LPG forklifts to EV within the next 2-3 years, and through our partnership with Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA), we are the first in the market to deliver to home - whiteware, general appliances and larger items in EV trucks. With four EV trucks operating in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Christchurch.

We now have twenty-eight stores across the network offering free EV charging for customers to park up and charge their vehicles while they shop. Thirteen sites have been upgraded to provide rapid chargers (25kW DC) with plans to expand our charging network across the country continually. By providing more rapid charging stations across the country, we are helping to remove a key barrier to EV adoption."

n3 is proud to partner with Noel Leeming and Torpedo7 (part of The Warehouse Group) to support our Members and their businesses toward sustainable purchasing practices at great prices. 

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