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Tips for reducing business expenses to beat inflation

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Business cost reduction
Posted by Jo Joiner on 08 Nov 2022
Like heat sneaking out of your home in winter because of leaky window seals, profits can leak quietly out of your business because inflation’s riding high. But if you find new ways to trim business costs, you can reduce the damage to your bottom line. 

NZ’s inflation rate is more than four times higher than it was three years ago
Annual inflation is at a 32-year high in New Zealand.[1]  Stats NZ reported a 7.2% inflation rate in  this year. In 2019, just before Covid-19 hit the world, our inflation rate was just 1.62%.[2]  

But enough with the doom and gloom! Here are some solutions to become smarter with your spending and how your business can benefit from an n3 membership 

Reducing vehicle and fuel expenses
In the last couple of years, the cost of fuel has increased by 37%[3] and tyre prices have inflated too.  However, through n3 it’s possible to save 10 cents per litre on fuel costs and Members typically save 21% with Bridgestone for their tyres and 14% with Carter’s Tyres. 

Shrinking your monthly power bill
Average household electricity prices increased more than 5% in the last year.[4]  It’s likely you will have noticed a bigger power bill for your business too. While it helps to turn off lights and appliances when they’re not being used, n3 Members typically save 12% with Mercury.   

Keeping the cafeteria under control
The tea, coffee, biscuits and other snacks you provide in the staff cafeteria have all increased significantly in price. On average, food items have risen 7.3% in just one year.[5] Fonterra, Foundation Coffee, Freshfood Services, Southern Hospitality and Goodman Fielder are some of the great n3 Suppliers that can help you save on all your cafeteria needs. Plus don’t forget the one-stop-shop OfficeMax where Members typically save 25%. 

A hygiene conscious society
Over the last couple of years with the pandemic, demand and the cost of things like soap, sanitiser and paper towels have shot up. We have a great range of Suppliers  such as Spicers and Ecolab who can help with everything from gloves through to soap, toilet paper and more.  

Finding smarter ways to buy materials and products
If you regularly buy from industrial gas suppliers, electrical stores and hardware stores, you will have noticed that prices have been creeping up. Many increases are linked to a stratospheric rise in freight and supply chain costs.  However, our Members use their n3 Membership to typically save 30% with BOC, 44% with Ideal Electrical, 25% with J. A. Russell, 17% with Bunnings and 21% with Placemakers.  

Trimming the costs of keeping the workplace safe
Safety equipment, uniform supplies and cleaning chemicals are all experiencing notable price increases. So, imagine how handy it would be to save with NZ Safety Blackwoods, Chemical Solutions, EcoLab and Alsco? Members are typically saving 15-40% in this area.  

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The savings presented are indicative only, and based on typical n3 member savings and/or supplier tender responses from a combination of list price, trade price or RRP depending on category. Savings are meant as a guide only. Savings will vary depending on basket of goods purchased.

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