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Tips on how you can save on your weekly coffee habit

Posted by FreshFood Services on 17 Aug 2022
The cost of living is soaring in New Zealand and has hit a 32-year high at 7.3%. [i] The increase in housing, household utilities, food and transport costs are the driving force behind the increase in the last quarter and year. 

With all these pressures on the discretionary income, how can you make your dollar go further and drive savings on those little expenses that add up when looking at the spending across the year, such as coffee? You don’t notice the transaction with tap and go on such a small purchase.

NZ is ranked the 13 highest consumers of coffee in the world. Higher than the USA and Australia. We drink on average 2.5 cups per week. According to Canstar’s survey, on average, Kiwis are spending $13.67 a week on coffee from coffee shops which adds up to just over $710 a year. [ii]  
What would you say if we could reduce this cost to $36.40 annually? That’s on average 70c per week.

One way to keep up with your coffee cravings and not burn a hole in your hip pocket is with The House of Robert Timms Coffee Bags through Freshfood services. A great choice for when you are on the go. You will have a full flavoured, perfectly measured cup of roasted ground coffee in a bag and brewed in minutes. Quality when and whenever you want, as it's conveniently in a single portion serve. Importantly at a fraction of the cost of buying a coffee out of the home.

For that full roast and ground coffee experience in minutes, The House of Robert Timms makes great look easy.

A typical n3 Member saves 34%* with FreshFood Services.

[1] https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/business/471135/cost-of-living-soars-inflation-hits-7-point-3-percent-highest-in-32-years#:~:text=Stats%20NZ%20said%20consumer%20prices,7.3%20percent%20from%206.9%20percent.&text=That%20was%20above%

[1] https://theregister.co.nz/2017/05/02/canstar-blue-survey-results-were-obsessed-coffee/

*The savings presented are indicative only, and based on typical n3 member savings and/or supplier tender responses from a combination of list price, trade price or RRP depending on category. Savings are meant as a guide only. Savings will vary depending on basket of goods purchased.

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