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Eight must-do checks before a long road trip

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Posted by Z Energy on 17 Aug 2022
From checking your tyre pressure to a snack stock-take, a long work jaunt on the road will only be safe, enjoyable and efficient with the right preparation. Here’s what you need before you set off.

With the right preparation, long business trips out on the wide open road should be safe, enjoyable and stress-free. 

Visiting your local Z or Caltex station the day before your journey will help ensure you’re secure and sorted for hours ahead, reducing the need for stops and giving you peace of mind. Here are our eight must-do checks before a long road trip so you can be sure of an efficient, safe and cost-effective journey. 

Check your air pressure

The correct tyre pressure is essential for ensuring your car can brake, grip and steer properly. Even having one tyre that’s over or under-inflated can greatly impact how your car, van or truck drives - and how efficiently. Did you know? That tyres can lose 3-6% of their air per month (that’s 1-2psi in tyre talk). We’ve created some handy tips on tyre pressure, and you can also use our tyre pressure tool to help determine the optimal fill for your tyres.  

Topping up with more air at a Z or Caltex station is quick and easy, so don’t overlook this important step. It’s also vital to check your tread. Worn-down or bald tyres can have tragic consequences. 

Check your oil 

Oil is vital for keeping your car’s engine running smoothly. Running out could cause costly damage and leave you stranded – the last thing you want if you’re far from home! 

Some modern cars display the oil level on the dashboard, but most people are used to the old-fashioned dipstick under the hood. Either way, check your levels before you set off and top up if you need to. Your Z and Caltex retail stores will have you covered if you don’t have any to hand. 

Windscreen fluid 

Visibility is vital for a safe trip, so when carrying out your pre-journey checks, ensure you’ve topped up on the windscreen washer solution. 

Fill ‘er up! 

There’s nothing more stressful than worrying about running out of fuel. So head to a Z or Caltex station closest to base and fill up before you set off, and make a journey plan with the Z Business network locator in case you need to top up. 

Sleep tight 

Driver health is just as important as car health, so encourage your drivers to have a decent moe before any long trip. If you feel tired or drowsy along the way, do not be tempted to carry on. Switch drivers, or pull over and rest. Driving when tired can be lethal. 

Let’s eat! 

Over 175 Z Stations across the country have Z Express food and drink on-site, offering loads of goodies from gourmet pies, refreshing chilled drinks and barista-made coffee. Plus, all our retail sites have everything you need for snacks, treats and drinks to keep you alert, energised and refreshed for your entire journey. 

Use your tasty haul as an excuse to take regular breaks en route, which is vital for driver wellbeing and safety.  

Charge up 

Make sure your phone is fully charged before setting out. Accessing GPS maps will ensure you won’t get lost, and being able to call for help if you need it can make all the difference on a long journey. If you get stuck – once again, we’ve got you covered in-store with a range of chargers and power banks.  

Be prepared

Every car, van or truck should have an emergency kit with a torch, reflective triangle, hi-vis jacket and a jack. A first aid kit is also essential equipment for every vehicle. 

And finally, if your business vehicle or fleet has a roadside assistance partner, don’t forget to have the necessary details to hand before you set off. 

Safe driving! 

This article appeared on Z https://www.z.co.nz/for-businesses/tips-and-resources/eight-must-do-checks-before-a-long-road-trip/ and has been published here with permission.

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