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Are you spending too much on vehicle maintenance?

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Posted by Maddison Brown on 20 Oct 2021
Driving is an integral part of many businesses in one shape or form, whether it be the transportation of products, providing an outbound service or getting staff such as salespeople from A to B. This is demonstrated in NZ by the sheer volume of cars on our roads; in 2021, there are over 4.4 Million registered cars in New Zealand [1]. While staff might be out and about less with current alert levels, keeping any vehicle in good working order is still important. At n3, we can help with all your vehicle needs. Find out how below.

Car batteries:

Did you know it’s recommended to perform a battery health check every month? [2]. This is particularly important if vehicles have been sitting unused for longer periods of time, such as during lockdown.
At n3, we’ve sourced some great battery Suppliers so you can get excellent pricing if you need a new battery. Suppliers Century Yuasa and Marshall Power (Exide) are available both On Account and with your Trade Card.


Good tyre condition is essential for both your safety and fuel efficiency. The minimum legal tread depth for tyres is 1.5mm [3]. It is also recommended to get your wheel alignment done every 12,000km to give your tyres a longer life. n3 has all your tyre requirements sorted no matter how big or small, with Suppliers Beaurepaires, Bridgestone, and Carter’s Tyres on our panel.

Servicing and WOFs:

Regular servicing is an integral part of keeping your vehicle running smoothly and a good time to pick up any potential problems before they become a significant issue. A current WOF certifies your vehicle’s roadworthiness at the time of inspection. n3 Supplier Pitstop can help Members with both servicing and WOFs with locations all over NZ.

Fleet optimisation and tracking:

A GPS tracking system  can help with more than just  tracking where your vehicles are at any one time; you can gain a whole range of operational efficiencies with valuable data and also ensure your staff are safe on the road [4]. n3 Members typically save 42%* with n3 Supplier Argus Tracking.

Savings on Fuel:

Fuel can seem like an ever-increasing overhead, and we’re here to help so you don’t feel the pinch in your pocket so much with our pre-negotiated discounts with Mobil, Z Business and BP. Save 10 cents per litre every day of the year with no card or transaction fees. Use over 100,000L a year? Contact us for special rates for high volume users. Don’t forget that proper car servicing can help your car run more efficiently and save on fuel costs.

With our broad range of Suppliers, we can help our Members save on most aspects of their overheads. If your overheads need an overhaul, why not get one of our friendly Account Managers to do a review? You might be surprised just how much you can save.


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