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Keep your fleet safe with Argus Tracking

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Posted by Argus Tracking on 18 Aug 2021

Driving remains the most hazardous activity New Zealanders undertake during their working day.

If you are involved in managing a fleet of working vehicles and the people driving them, the most effective way to keep your people safe and minimise your exposure to risk under health & safety legislation is to install vehicle telematics into your fleet.

Your people may not be professional drivers, but under health and safety legislation, they are expected to drive like they are. Businesses must be able to ensure their people and vehicles are safe and compliant.

Short of putting a driver trainer next to your employee to monitor driver behaviour once they have left the premises, GPS is the most effective tool for keeping in touch with what’s happening with your people and vehicles while they are on the road - there is no other simple and cost-effective way of measuring and managing daily performance and safety.

How do I know if my fleet is safe?

There are different angles to fleet safety and a number of questions to ask before an employee even gets in a vehicle.

Are my vehicles safe and compliant?

Has a vehicle check been performed?

Is the employee driving the vehicle properly trained?

If somebody is going out on a job alone, what has our organisation done to keep that person safe?

Do I know how a vehicle is actually being operated?

How can I tell if they are driving dangerously?

Argus Tracking is the answer to all these questions and more. From driver behaviour tools that benchmark your drivers against the national average, to managing driver fatigue, and providing lone and remote worker solutions, and managing vehicle safety with digital check sheets.

Argus Tracking’s recently released rollover sensor enables fleet operators to be alerted immediately if one of their vehicles has rolled over, even in remote locations. Research has shown that vehicle rollovers do not often occur on public roads and so have a much higher chance of not being attended to within the golden hour. With the new rollover sensor, now operators can dispatch help immediately directly to the location of the incident.

With the success of the rollover sensor, Argus is soon to release an impact sensor with an impact recorder which is built into current tracking devices so comes at no additional hardware cost to the customer. This sensor will immediately alert the fleet operator to a potential accident so that they can check on their team member and start their emergency procedure. After the accident, the impact recorder will give the fleet operator the ability to look back in a second-by-second replay of the impact.

With more industry leading fleet safety features in development, Argus Tracking telematics is all you need to improve the safety of your people and assets, and reduce driver risk, while meeting your Health & Safety obligations and creating safer drivers.

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