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The Benefits of Sustainable Procurement

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Posted by Joanne Svendsen on 17 May 2020

Sustainable procurement involves the commitment of organisations to purchase goods and services in an environmentally friendly, responsible, and ethical way.

Sustainable purchasing seeks to make effective and economical long-term decisions that benefit the company, customers, society, and the environment. This includes the total life cycle of products, from the cost to purchase, as well as maintenance, and end-of-life disposal. Also, of importance are fair trade, ethical employment, and health & safety, as well as environmental sustainability practices.

Sustainable procurement seeks ways to help improve our environment by:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improving energy efficiency and resource usage, in particular water, minerals, land etc.
  • Minimising air, water, and soil pollution
  • Removing toxic substances from the manufacturing process
  • Reducing waste and effluent, including eliminating unnecessary processes or packaging, and/or setting requirements for reuse and recycling
  • Supporting sustainable agriculture
  • Banning the use of materials produced as a result of deforestation of natural habitats and ecological conservation areas, such as palm oil
  • Banning the exploitation of rare or endangered species
  • Committing to ethical labour and employment practices, as well as fair trade
  • Worker health & safety
  • Promoting animal husbandry and care
  • Support suppliers who have attained environmental and ethical certification.

8 benefits of sustainable procurement

  1. Care for our environment as well as animal, bird and plant life
  2. Care for our fellow human beings
  3. Improved health outcomes
  4. Economic benefits of having socially engaged enterprises sharing employment, resource and financial benefits throughout the community
  5. Commitment to controlling climate change
  6. Supporting the well-being of the earth for future generation
  7. Feel good factor for current and future employees
  8. A bit of positive PR to show your customers that your company truly cares

9 ways to help your workplace become more sustainable 

  1. Not wasting paper. Reuse wherever possible
  2. Participating in recycling programs
  3. Using environmentally friendly hygiene and cleaning products
  4. Using eco-friendly and efficient lighting and air conditioning
  5. Implementing energy-efficient policies
  6. Encourage alternative transport options
  7. Using certified environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced products such as tea and coffee
  8. Minimising or eliminating single-use plastics
  9. Getting your local barista to make your favourite cup of coffee in your own cup. You will help reduce disposable cups and lids going to landfill


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