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Get your wrapping and party essentials sorted with OfficeMax

Posted by Maddison Brown on 26 Nov 2019
The holiday jingles are beginning, the lights and decorations are going up in the streets and there is a sense of joy around the office as Summer approaches. It’s the time of year to spend time with those you care about and indulge at Christmas parties. It can also be that stressful time of stores packed until midnight and having to dash out for the last-minute gift and party necessities. 
Lucky for our n3 members, OfficeMax is your one stop shop for gift boxes, wrapping paper and party supplies. 
OfficeMax can help you find a solution no matter what your wrapping or party needs are. Simply add gift boxes, wrapping paper, scissors and tape to your next order and OfficeMax will deliver them to your door. 
Don’t forget, wrapping paper can be recycled too (if it passes the ‘scrunch’ test), just remove any sticky tape and decorations first. Foil and glitter decorated paper can’t be recycled and needs to go into general waste. 
If you’re not sure what can be recycled in your area, find out from your council here.
Stuck for wrapping ideas, or simply want to sharpen up your skills? Check out this tutorial.
Best wishes for a joyous holiday season from the team at OfficeMax and n3!
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