Why n3?

We make saving money simple for your business.

With n3 your business gets exclusive discounts and impressive terms with leading suppliers - without the time and hassle of sorting it out yourself. From milk delivery to fuel supply; everything your business buys at a lower cost.

How? It's a simple truth: the bigger you are the better deals you can make. With over 12,000 businesses behind us, that gives us the size and power to deliver you the best deals in town. Tendered and negotiated by our procurement experts.

How does it work?

reduce your business costs

n3 members come in all shapes and sizes. So whether you're a one man band, a SME or a corporate with a whole procurement department - we can help reduce your business costs.

n3 business buying power

When you join n3, you join over 12,000 other NZ businesses. That's a lot of negotiating clout. We call it Business Buying Power.

exclusive business discounts

As soon as you join you get instant access to exclusive discounts. Already tendered and negotiated by our experts so you know you're getting the best deal.

new zealand's leading suppliers

We've taken the hassle away and sourced the best suppliers NZ has to offer across just about everything you need to run your business.

Get better business discounts on just about everything to run your business.

Have you received your n3 Trade Card?

The n3 Trade Card is a quick and easy way to access business discounts in-store.

Your n3 Trade Card can be used by staff to get in-store business discounts from leading suppliers without the need to open a trade account.

Show your Trade Card at the time of purchase to get your discount applied.

To order an n3 Trade Card you must be an active member and the n3 prime contact for your company.

How much could your business save?

Try our quick and easy online savings calculator. Find out what the group buying power of over 12,000 businesses could save you.

Try It Now

3 easy steps to start saving:

Contact us
Join now or contact us on 0508 20 30 40 or ask@n3.co.nz and we will let you know which membership option will best suit your business.
Log in
Once you activate your membership you'll be sent log in details for our website. From here you can manage which suppliers you use, review your monthly savings report and more. If you already have an account with an n3 supplier, you could link to our price file.
Start saving
Simply open an account to access exclusive discounted pricing. Purchase as you normally would – just at lower prices. Watch the savings stack up. Plus, our team of experts will help you find areas to save even more through n3.
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annual saving
Arts & Recreation:
Hastings Golf Club

"We started saving money without having to do any negotiating.And because we were already using many n3 suppliers,we could simply link our accounts to the n3 price file.It was seamless."

annual saving
Food & Beverage:
Invercargill Licensing Trust

"n3 have a range of suppliers in a number of categories which makes it simple"

annual saving
Aotea Electric

"We've found the process easy to understand and there is not a whole lot to do to get set up and start saving"

Over 12,000 New Zealand businesses use n3 to reduce costs
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