Why do you need Life Insurance?

by Chanel Clark | 27-06-2018


The biggest problem with life insurance is that those who need it the most don’t have it or can’t get it due to their health. Some people never need it, and others might only need it for part of their lives. Those that don’t need it are lucky enough that financially they have sufficient to pay off their mortgage (if they have one), pay ongoing bills and everyday expenses, and extra put away to pay for their kids’ future education. But for many people, knowing that they can reduce the hardship on their family by taking out life or funeral cover makes it something definitely worth considering.

Now, I’m sure at one point or another, you tried to find out about life insurance and were greeted by a broker who had no greater desire then to sell you a policy that you don’t actually need, all so they could get commission rather than help you with your genuine needs or tailor it around what you can afford. That's a recipe for failure when you have to pay the premium, and it sets too many of us up for a lapse in coverage.

Approximately 25% of people who buy life insurance stop paying their premiums in the first three years. By the 10-year mark, almost 50% quit paying! This means you pay all this money, month after month, to wind up with zip. What you need is a policy that's easy to buy, easy to own and cheap! Buying what's sometimes called Protection Insurance is simple and costs practically no money at all. From  Pinnacle Life, a 45-year old, non-smoking male can get a $250,000 life insurance policy and only pay less than $30 per month. And for all the women reading this, start jumping for joy because women's coverage is even cheaper since women generally tend to go to the doctor and take care of themselves a lot better than their male counterparts...

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5 quick tips to remember when looking at getting a life insurance policy

  • Find a policy that works for you – don’t get sucked in to paying for things you don’t need.
  • Commit to a policy that is sustainable and affordable, long-term.
  • Certain health conditions can make life insurance more expensive so be sure to ask questions if you have pre-existing health conditions
  • Be clear on the benefits/offers of the policy before committing – how will this benefit you and/or your significant others?
  • Anything you’re unsure about or confused by, just ask! Pinnacle Life have employed industry experts to answer every question you may have so use them!


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We have all heard about life insurance because we either want it, need it, or don’t have it. We’ve got a fair idea about what it is but why should we care? We have all heard about life insurance because we either want it, need it, or don’t have it. We’ve got a fair idea about what it is but why should we care?


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