Benefit your Business with Effective Office Supply Management

by Chanel Clark | 29-11-2018


In an office environment, there are many moving cogs needed to ensure a smooth-sailing and streamlined operation. Without a trusted  range of office suppliers, your entire system may start to break down.

Identifying, acquiring and handling such suppliers and their resources are crucial steps in office supply management. See how your business can benefit from centralised and effective office supply management with n3.

1. Inventory costs are reduced

Having a consistent incoming flow of the necessities you need to run an office is a great way to keep inventory costs down. Without this, there won't be a routine in place and office staff may find themselves rushing around reactively gathering last-minute essentials. Not only does this waste both time and money, you may also pay more for such items due to the urgency of delivery.

OfficeMax is just one of n3’s trusted office suppliers, offering everything from stationery to furniture, technology to cleaning and hygiene, and 22,000 other office essentials.

n3’s group buying power ensures members get access to exclusive discounts, and with OfficeMax this is no different - members can save an average of 22 per cent*!

*Saving is a guide only and will vary depending on basket of goods purchased. 


Knowing n3’s procurement team have done the negotiating for you means you can focus on the more important things

 2. Better organisation through consolidating

Buying from an array of different suppliers can get complicated. With so many reports and receipts to analyse and file, this task can soon become arduous and time-consuming. Thankfully, many of the suppliers partnered with n3 consolidate their invoices - meaning you get one bill for all purchases and orders in a given timeframe, directly from each supplier.   Some of these include:

●    Mercury
●    OfficeMax
●    Spicers
●    Big Blue
●    BP

The n3 team also track how much you're spending and saving with these suppliers and send a monthly report straight to your inbox, or you can access it online. This keeps your office organised and on track with spending and savings.

3. Quality remains high and consistent

While it may keep costs down in the short term, purchasing cheaper office supplies from non-reputable vendors can cause long-term financial problems. Thankfully, receiving high-quality products for less shouldn't be a distant dream. With n3, this can be your reality. 

Over the years, n3 has grown to service more than 12,000 Kiwi businesses which has enabled them to negotiate exclusive pricing with an array of reputable office suppliers. Their expert procurement team work hard to ensure n3 members receive the best deals so you can focus on more important things. As a result, quality remains high and members can reap the rewards of top-notch products without having to worry about overspending.

If you're ready to see how your office can benefit from the group buying power of n3, get in touch with the team today!

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Sick of high office costs? Want to improve office organisation? Find out how the cost-saving benefits of n3 can help your business save money. Sick of high office costs? Want to improve office organisation? Find out how the cost-saving benefits of n3 can help your business save money.


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