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Trade Card App Terms of Use

n3 Trade Card App Terms of Use

The purpose of the n3 Trade Card App is to allow n3 Members to access n3 pricing on goods and services purchased from n3 Suppliers without having to open an account. To receive special n3 rates, the cardholder simply presents the App at any participating supplier branch and must pay for the goods in full.

Use of the app constitutes acceptance of the below terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of the Membership Agreement also apply to the use of the Trade Card App. Pricing and discounts under the Trade Card App may vary from on account purchases. 


The Trade Card is a programme provided to n3 Member organisations.
The Trade Card App is issued by and remains the property of n3 and must be uninstalled on request. Failure to do so may result in charges being incurred. 

n3 reserves the right, at any time without notice and for whatever reason, to:

  • Suspend, Modify or Terminate the Trade Card programme;
  • Decline to issue a Trade Card App;
  • Withdraw or cancel the Trade Card App; and
  • Alter or amend the conditions of operations of the n3 Trade Card programme 

The Trade Card App is not a method of payment and goods and services must be paid for in full at the time of purchase in the form of cash, EFTPOS or credit card.

The Trade Card App is not transferable can only be used by the person whom the App is registered to (as nominated by the organisation's prime contact). 
The Trade Card App user must be a current employee of an n3 Member organisation at the time of installation and use in store. 
The Trade Card App can only be installed once. You can change the device the app is installed on by following the instructions in the app.  
Once the Trade Card App is installed it must be activated prior to the apps use.

The Trade Card is strictly for business purchases only. The Trade Card is valid for use in-store at participating Trade Card supplier branches and may be used online with some suppliers. To be eligible for n3 Trade Card rates, the Trade Card App must be presented at the counter prior to completing the transaction. Presentation of proof of purchase subsequently will not be accepted.

n3 reserves the right to terminate an organisation's or user's participation in the Trade Card programme where the app has been misused, expired, the organisation's n3 Membership ends or the cardholder ceases employment with the Member organisation. Upon termination from the programme, the app will no longer be active on the users device. 

n3 reserves the right to add/remove participating suppliers, whereby users will be notified via website or email. n3 is not liable for any resulting loss of rewards or benefits should this occur.

n3 and respective officers, agents, employees and related bodies corporate make no representation or warranty as to the quality, suitability, or merchantability of any goods or services purchased from the supplier. 

n3 is not liable for:

  • any purchase made between the Supplier and the cardholder.
  • any failure of a Member to notify a participating supplier that a transaction is eligible for n3 rates;
  • any delay in issuing or replacing a membership card or for any unauthorised use 
  • any failure to notify Members of any changes in these Terms and Conditions
  • any loss, damage, cost or expense suffered or sustained by anyone in connection with the n3 Trade Card, 
  • the suspension and/or termination of the Trade Card programme.


Other Terms and Conditions

n3 refers to n3 Limited.

Cardholders must notify n3 of any change in circumstances, (e.g. address), which may affect the accuracy of the information provided to n3. Users have the right to access and request correction of personal information through the following communication channels: 

  • Emailing ask@n3.co.nz
  • Calling 0508 20 30 40
  • Writing to us at PO Box 7170, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142

Registered users of the Trade Card accept that n3 will send promotional material and information regarding special offers, benefits and information relating to the operation of the n3 Trade Card programme.

n3 collects and holds personal information in accordance with its obligations under the Privacy Act 2020. Information is recorded and retained by n3 so as to provide Member's with the benefits of having a Trade Card and personal information will be used strictly for the purposes of issuing the Trade Card, administrating the programme, and for Trade Card promotional activities. 

A Trade Card user may at any time end their participation by deleting their app. If so, all user benefits and obligations relating to the Trade Card will cease.

For any further questions, please contact n3 on 0508 20 30 40 or ask@n3.co.nz .