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Safe365 have been working around the clock to support your business through the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure your workforce remains healthy, safe and well.


Use the Safe365 smartphone app and performance console for FREE during COVID-19:

  • Safe365 have created a special COVID-19 subscription plan which is free to use for at least 6 months during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The free subscription plan is available for businesses with up to 200 workers. If you have more than 200 workers, please contact Safe365 and they will assist. 
  • The smartphone app includes 3 check-lists for essential workers, a COVID-19 health survey, an incident & risk reporting system, safety observations, workforce surveys, and customized checklist features to support business processes like checks, audits, and inspections.
  • Safe365 has provided a template working from home set up checklist to support businesses with establishing and maintaining working from home arrangements, ensuring employers meet their regulatory obligations to workers. Additional checklist templates will be made available.
  • A COVID-19 survey has been set up to make it easy for employers to check in on their remote teams throughout COVID-19 to ensure everyone has what they need, is healthy, safe and well and remaining productive.
  • There is no requirement for businesses accessing the COVID-19 subscription plan to purchase Safe365 in order to access the above benefits.

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About Safe365

Assess, improve & monitor your organisations health, safety & well being capability, culture, performance and engagement. Safer workforce. Better business.

Safe365 generates aware, enabled and effective health, safety and well being at work. Our product provides a suite of features that enable businesses of all sizes & industries to assess and understand their health and safety capability, culture & performance, the tools to continually improve and the visibility to monitor.


Key Benefits:

  • Tools to help you develop a compliant health and safety environment with strong due diligence being exercised every day.
  • Simple, easy to interpret, visual reports that highlight priority areas of development to ensure you meet the legislation and further enhance employee safety.
  • Access to the Safe365 smartphone app to engage your team. Customized checklists, workforce engagement surveys and incident/event reporting.
  • Access Safe365's suite of knowledge base resources (like tutorial videos, user guides and more) and our diligent customer service that ensures you don't get stuck!
  • Regular updates & notifications of the latest health and safety developments to ensure your organisation remains ahead of the curve!




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