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Tail end spend under the microscope


The old Scottish saying “many a mickle makes a muckle” can definitely be applied to reining in your mid-tail and end-tail expenditure. It refers to looking after the little spends, because they collectively add up to a big spend.​

Most companies tend to focus their purchasing efforts on areas where there are large costs, which are typically related to strategic suppliers that provide goods and services at negotiated prices. However, every business has a diverse pool of un-contracted suppliers for low value purchases where cost savings can still be achieved.

Tackling this tail spend effectively is becoming more important for medium and large organisations who want to save time as well as financial resources. In our latest whitepaper 'Tail end spend under the microscope', we look at the problem and the opportunity that lies within. 


It includes how n3 can work with your business in the following ways:

  • n3 provides a mechanism for managing your low-end spend - the spend volumes you're too busy to manage day to day but which can add up over time.
  • n3 gives you the flexibility to choose which of our 60+ Suppliers you use, while still maintaining your existing specialist and strategic Suppliers. 
  • n3 gives you full transparency of the value we deliver by reporting how much you have spent and saved with our Suppliers; emailed directly to your inbox every month.
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