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A step-by-step guide to running a successful office

Did you know that 37% of New Zealand companies founded in 2010, with fewer than 20 employees, only survived until 2016? 

With 90% of New Zealand businesses believed to be overspending on day-to-day expenses, in some cases by as much as 75%, statistics like this demonstrate why setting up and running a successful office is crucial for any business. 

In our latest whitepaper, ‘A step-by-step guide to running a successful office’, we highlight several factors that can help office managers in all stages of operation get the most out of their employees and environment – at the lowest price possible, of course.


It includes:

  • The essential tools needed to run a successful office
  • A list of reputable suppliers that can help you get there
  • Advantages of joining one of New Zealand’s top buying groups, n3.
  • A range of member-exclusive discounts available through n3.




About n3

Working as procurement experts for over 100 years, n3 have built relationships with some of New Zealand’s leading suppliers in all industries to give more to our business members. With a 15,000 strong membership base, n3 have the power to negotiate exclusive discounts on essential services that allow your business to reap the benefits for less.



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