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  • MONEY SAVED $72,000,000*

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Purchase On-Account with any of our Suppliers and access all the Trade Card benefits.

  • Save at 50+ Suppliers
  • Monthly invoice (save your cashflow)
  • Trade directly with suppliers
  • Access Trade Card discounts 
  • Connect your existing accounts to the n3 price file
  • Get an Account Manager to help you maximise your savings


Typical savings by business size

What n3 Members have saved on from building supplies to tyres.

Average Savings
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What is On-Account?

  • Your business can set up trade accounts with our Suppliers.
  • There are 50+ n3 Suppliers you can choose from.
  • You trade directly with the Suppliers, paying via monthly invoicing, with the n3 discount applied.
  • Every month we will email you monthly reporting letting you know exactly how much you have spent and saved.
  • Plus, if you currently purchase from one of our Suppliers, we can connect your existing account to the n3 price file so you can access your exclusive n3 discount.


Your business can save across all these categories:

Trade & Maintenance

Our Trade & Maintenance category covers a range of leading suppliers in gas, building, electrical, paint, plumbing, engineering and much more. 

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Business essentials

n3 members benefit across a range of spend areas, like stationery and couriers, water coolers and printing, furniture and electricity. 

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You can choose from multiple fuel card options based on your business needs. We also offer batteries, tyres, servicing and rental.

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By using n3, your business can receive exclusive pricing on all things technology, including GPS tracking, broadband, landline and mobile. 

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Medical Heart

Through our contracts you're able to access PPE, clothing, high vis. & training, as well as washroom & cleaning chemicals to support your business. 

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As a member of n3, you can access our contracts on, milk, tea & coffee, bread, dry goods, catering, mattresses, linen and hospitality.

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“Using n3 is a simple way for us to save money on materials we need for our landscape construction projects. One the best things we find is all the work and negotiating with suppliers is done for us - saving us time and money.”

Will Morrison, Landscape Architect
Texture Group
$18,330 saved

“Our experience with n3 has been exceptional. As a returning customer for 3 years we will not go elsewhere. Well done n3, thanks for making life so easy for Evolve.”

Sedejah Scanlon, Accounts Payable Team Leader
Evolve Education Group
$3,856 saved


How do I purchase On-Account with an n3 Supplier?

Login Circle Icon

Login to the n3 website, on "Browse Suppliers" select the Supplier you would like to open an account with. Alternately, you can contact your Account Manager and they will assist you. 

Contract Circle

You can either download the Suppliers application form or create a case to have the Supplier contact you. Otherwise, your Account Manager will send you the required forms.

List Circle

The Supplier will then take you through the credit application process before opening an account.


Account Circle

Once your account is opened, the Supplier will provide you an account number & link your price file to the n3 pricing file.

Reduce Price Cirlce

You keep the direct Supplier relationship; purchasing as you normally would - simply at lower prices.


Report Circle

You will be provided with monthly reporting on how much you have Spent & Saved with n3 Suppliers.



On-Account FAQs:

To “open” an account with a Supplier generally means you need to complete a trade application form. The form will ask you specific questions about your business, how much you are likely to spend with the Supplier, as well as provide references of the others whom you trade with. Having an account with any Supplier, regardless of them being part of the n3 network, means you have met their credit criteria and terms. Once you have set up an account with a Supplier, you purchase goods, and pay for them at a later date, when they send you an invoice. This is the most common trading method for businesses, as it helps with cash-flow and management.

Your n3 Account Manager will help facilitate the account opening process between you and n3 Suppliers. Application forms are available online or in hardcopy, depending on the Supplier. If you are logged into the website, you can also navigate to a Supplier's dedicated page and download their Application form, and upload it.

Visit www.n3.co.nz/suppliers and click on a Supplier that interests you. Once you are on their profile, you will see "Ways to trade with this Supplier". Under this will show On Account, Trade Card & App, depending on the ways you can trade with that Supplier.
   Ways to Trade 

If your business already has contracts set up with one of our Suppliers, “Linking your Account” means switching your existing account over to n3 pricing. You maintain the direct relationship with the Supplier, simply on n3 pricing. We’ll only ‘Link your Account” where beneficial. Plus, if you already have an account with the Supplier there is little or no paperwork involved with this process.

To Link an Account you will need to know your account number and name (usually you can find this on a recent invoice), and in some cases the branch you have an account with. Your n3 Account Manager can help you to contact the Suppliers, otherwise you can login to the n3 website. Simply navigate to their Supplier profile and click ‘New Case’. From the drop down box you can select ‘Link Account’, you will be prompted to add your account number, and in the Notes section add in any other relevant details you may have. Note that n3 will only ever Link an Account if the price structure benefits your business.

The Supplier will confirm that you will save money before moving you onto n3 pricing.

It really comes down to how your business works. If you prefer to pay cash and manage receipts then the Trade Card is going to be the best option. However, On-Account will give you the biggest range of Suppliers, and best credit term. With a few of the Suppliers the On-Account discount is better than the Trade Card.

The savings you achieve will vary from Supplier to Supplier. Most Suppliers do not offer a flat discount across all their products or services, and savings can vary by product category or individual product. Individual Member savings depend on the products and volumes purchased by each Member. The savings percentage shown against each Supplier on the website is therefore intended as a guide only.

The majority of n3 Suppliers provide detailed monthly reports which show the spend and savings for each Member. The savings are reported against the Supplier’s baseline which may be the retail price, a list price, trade price, or distributor price, depending on the Supplier’s operating model.

On the 25th of every month we email our Members their Spend & Savings report. You can also login anytime to our website. On your Member Dashboard, you’ll find some quick stats about your savings, and can download the report by clicking on the ‘See Full Report’ button. Note we only upate the report once a month.

The n3 website shows the savings achieved across the aggregate of all n3 Members’ spend. Individual Member savings will depend on the specific goods and services purchased by that Member, which may not be representative of all n3 Member purchases. Individual Member savings may therefore be greater or lower than the figure shown on the website.

The savings percentage shown is intended as a guide to the savings that may be achieved when purchasing from the Supplier as an n3 Member.

The savings figure shown for each Supplier is based on the aggregate of all n3 Members' spend for that Supplier, and may be calculated from:


1. Savings for all n3 Members where these are reported in detail by the Supplier.

Typical member saving = All n3 Member Savings/ All n3 (Member Spend + Member Savings)

2. Where Suppliers do not provide as much reporting detail, the estimated savings are calculated based upon a number of factors including the Supplier’s contracted n3 rates and discounts, savings calculated against RRP/list price from a sample of n3 Members’ actual spend, the Supplier’s tender response pricing, or other relevant information.

3. A combination of the above if the actual savings have only been available for less than six months.

Most sales (over 83%) have detailed savings reported by Suppliers, so provide an accurate guide to the savings achieved. Sales and savings figures are regularly reviewed by n3, and the typical savings figures are updated accordingly.


Data represents 2023 calendar year. Sample based on Members who use 3 or more n3 Suppliers on account.
Savings are indicative only and based on typical n3 Member savings and/or Supplier tender responses from a combination of list price, trade price or RRP depending on the category. Individual Member savings will vary depending on the basket of goods purchased.