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Is your staffroom dishwasher not quite cutting it?

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Posted by Jessie Mclean on 21 Jul 2021
The staff room is one of the busiest areas in the office. It is where employees commune together to share lunch, grab a cuppa to start the day or refill their water bottles. However, it's also a problem area when employees don't clean up after themselves. No one wants to start their week with a pile of dirty dishes and cups.

When it comes to washing high quantities of plates, cutlery and glassware, using a commercial dishwasher can get the job done in a fraction of the time compared to a domestic dishwasher.

Here are the top 5 reasons why commercial dishwashers are preferred in an office setting:

1. Quicker wash cycles 

Quickstart 1, 2 and 3-minute cycles

2. Larger capacity machines

Washes up to 1,080 plates /1,500 glasses per hour

3. Savings on running costs, power and water usage

EcoPower reduces temperatures and energy consumption when the machine is not busy

4. Multiple cycle options for various washing needs

Quick cleaning processes, whether it's for a fast wash cycle to save time on weekdays or a soft start option on weekends which helps protect your glassware and crockery

5. Intuitive controls with easy-to-read displays

User-friendly controls mean there's no need for equipment training.

To view our full range of commercial dishwashers, click here.

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