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Give the gift of knowledge with the help from IKONIK

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Posted by Jessie Mclean on 21 Apr 2021

Give the gift of knowledge.

As the adage says, knowledge is the greatest gift, which is why n3 has partnered with IKONIK. IKONIK is part of the AdviceFirst family, and their goal is to provide companies and individuals with simple but effective tools to bridge the financial knowledge gap.  

Receiving actionable financial knowledge will empower you and your employees to make better financial decisions.  

Already thousands of Kiwi businesses and families have reached out to IKONIK for free advice, and we invite you and your business to as well.

Boost your employee's financial freedom.

As a leader within your company, you can take action – taking care of your employee's well-being isn't just about their physical and mental health. It should also extend to include financial education and helping people to take control of their financial futures.
A simple place to start is with a free onsite educational workshop from IKONIK for you and your organisation.

Your educational workshop will be aimed at supporting your employee's journey to financial independence and will cover a range of key areas, including:

  • Why making the most out of KiwiSaver is so important to your future.
  • Understanding the benefits of KiwiSaver (contributions, first home withdrawal).
  • Smart saving tips for retirement and first home deposit.
  • How the KiwiSaver First Home Grant works.
  • The importance of having a provider you can trust.

Click here to enquire about booking your free educational workshop or download the FREE IKONIK e-book to receive simple tips to improve your financial future. 

Become part of the movement to make financial education available to all.

Together n3 and IKONIK invite you to join the Ignite Partnership Programme (brought to you by AdviceFirst).

This programme has been put together to provide resources, information and benefits to help you and your team's journey to financial freedom. By joining this programme, you will receive access to a range of resources and services, and you can select what areas would be most beneficial for your organisation.  

Resources and services include:

  • Free financial educational workshops.
  • Free 90-minute personalised financial health checks for all of your employees.
  • Group insurance benefits programme for your employees.
  • A personalised plan to protect your business, should a key staff member suffer a severe illness.
  • Working alongside you during your employee induction programme to provide information on KiwiSaver and other pre-selected employee benefits.
  • Free 30-minute specialist advice in HR and Marketing.

Special offer:
There is currently no joining fee to become part of the Ignite Partnership Program, enquire now to become part of the team addressing financial literacy in New Zealand.    

Click here to find out more.

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