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Hidden Costs when Setting up an Office

Posted by Chanel Clark on 15 Oct 2018

Setting up an office space is an exciting and slightly daunting task. While it's easy to get caught up in the buzz of it all, you still need to ensure every detail is taken care of. Whether you're a new business or one that's been around forever, here are some of the many hidden costs you should consider.

1. Utility costs versus the seasons

When factoring in the need for heat pumps and an air ventilation system, costs soon add up - and that's before considering how the changes in season can impact these expenses. For example, if you sign on the dotted line for a deal that seems hard-to-beat in the summer, come the winter, these costs can skyrocket, and before you know it you're on the back foot in finances.

Ensuring you've got your major utilities secured is more than just settling for second best. While you may want to tick off these core components quickly to ensure you're ready to hit the ground running, if you haven't spent the time researching suppliers, you may end up paying more than you want or need.

"If you sign on the dotted line for a deal that seems hard-to-beat in the summer, come the winter, these costs can skyrocket."

Finding a supplier that offers unbeatable prices is a great way to stay on top of your utility expense - allowing you to get on with the day-to-day knowing that everything is looked after. Here at n3, we take care of this important job. Thanks to our specialised procurement team, we save you the time and resource in having to source the best deals and suppliers.

Leading electricity supplier Mercury have partnered with us to ensure that all n3 members can enjoy great energy prices all year round.

Discover some of the hidden costs of setting up an office.
Do your employees have what they need to get the job done?

2. Smaller yet significant necessities

Taking care of bigger start-up and running costs is incredibly important for any business, but it's also crucial that the smaller elements that keep the office and its workers ticking don't get left behind. Without necessities such as stationery, fuel cards and couriers, employees will struggle to fulfil their daily tasks, impacting productivity.

If you haven't settled on a supplier that can take care of these smaller yet still significant necessities, see how n3 can help. We have partnerships with a broad range of business essential suppliers who offer discounts to ensure you're getting fantastic services for less.

3. Upgrades and maintenance

Unfortunately, no one can foresee breakages or technical glitches, and sometimes essential electrical equipment becomes damaged when you least expect it. When the time comes to replace broken or outdated crucial inventory, it’s important to have an expert team on hand who have the resource to replace and restore such technology.

The Noel Leeming Tech Solutions for Business team and OfficeMax Technology Specialists are both shining examples of why having technology experts on speed dial is so important. They offer support and protection when you most need it - and it's only a phone call away!

Want to find out how n3 can help you run a successful office space and reduce business costs? Get in touch with the team today! Call us on 0508 20 30 40 or flick us an email on ask@n3.co.nz

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