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How to Improve Your Workplace Culture

Whether commercial or not-for-profit, a strong culture is the common factor in high performing organisations. But creating a good culture is more than perks and inducements.

Rent or buy? Choosing The Right Printer for Your Needs

OfficeMax is about so much more than just stationery. They’ve helped us put together some questions for you to consider before you look into buying or renting a new printer.

7 Signs of a Thriving Office Culture

Office culture is a hot topic at the moment, but how do you know if your efforts are paying off? Check for these seven signs of a thriving culture to see how you're tracking.

7 Learning Styles: Why You Should Know Which One Works For You

Whatever career you’ve chosen, the more you continue to learn, the more you’ll gain – and learning in a way that suits you is the key to maximising the benefits.

10 Ways to Counteract The Effects of a Sedentary Job

Many people find themselves sitting for over 8 hours daily and while most of us know this is bad for us, we don't do anything about it.

How to Become a Better Leader and Four Qualities of Great Leaders

Developing your leadership skills is one of those things that will be helpful in any profession or industry. If you're a natural or self-taught leader you'll stand out and inspire those around you.

Linking Management and Staff Retention in The Workplace

Management often play a key role in employee satisfaction which is linked to retention. Staff turnover is an issue faced by all businesses, and there are some simple changes we can make to improve turnover rate.

Avoiding The Office Flu (And What To Do If It's Too Late!)

There are certain times of year when sickness spreads through the office like wildfire. Sometimes we give in and accept that we will get sick - but there are measures we can take to try and avoid illness in the workplace.

Pulling Off The Perfect Function: Our Comprehensive Guide For Businesses

Planning an event for your business can be challenging, especially when you're restricted by your budget. Look no further - We've created a comprehensive guide containing everything you need to know.

21 Retail Spaces, Offices and Homes Made Using Shipping Containers

Given their low price point and eco-friendly characteristics, its no surprise that shipping containers are gaining popularity. We've gathered the most aesthetically pleasing, creative and functional examples we could find.

The n3 Guide To Providing Coffee For Your Staff

There are so many options when it comes to coffee! We’ve compiled some answers to common questions and useful facts to help you choose the best coffee solution for your workplace.

The Best Business Reads In 2017 From Industry Leaders

We've found some of the best places to find books recommended by global industry leaders.

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