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n3 for the Wholesale and Retail Trade


Let us improve your bottom line while you concentrate on beating the competition


Getting quality goods at great prices is important, and not just for your customers. By using the purchasing power of n3 you can get the goods and services your business needs at discounted prices.

From fuel cards to office products, electricity to building supplies, we have nearly everything you need to keep your business running while keeping your costs down. We take out the hassle of sourcing and negotiating yourself, letting you focus on staying ahead of the competition. 

In an industry where service is everything, leave the negotiating to us while you focus on providing the best experience for your customers.


Your business can cut costs in these categories



Trade & Maintenance

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Our Trade & Maintenance category covers a range of leading suppliers in gas, building, electrical, paint, plumbing, engineering and much more.

Business Essentials & Office

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n3 members benefit across a range of spend areas, like stationery and couriers, water coolers and printing, furniture and electricity.

Fuel & Vehicles

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You can choose from multiple fuel card options based on your business needs. We also offer vehicle disposal, batteries, tyres, rental & fleet management. 


Technology & Communication

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By using n3, your business can receive exclusive pricing on all things technology, including GPS tracking, broadband, landline and mobile. 


Health & Safety

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Through our contracts you're able to access PPE, clothing, high vis. & training, as well as washroom & cleaning chemicals to support your business. 


Grocery & Hospitality

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As a member of n3, you can access our contracts on, milk, tea & coffee, bread, dry goods, catering, mattresses, linen and hospitality. 


Organisations like yours are using n3 to save on:


Building & Grounds


We have market leading suppliers for all your building maintenance, repair or even new build projects. There are discounts with suppliers in electrical, plumbing, paint & building. From keeping the grounds to re-painting, we have you covered.




With a large range of suppliers in the Business Essentials category, there are many ways to reduce costs when you're a member of n3. With discounts on stationery & electricity, water coolers & couriers - everything you need to run a busy office.


Retail Space & Staff


No industry gets through as much glass cleaner as retaill, so we have contracts available for  a range of cleaning chemicals. Businesses also save on washroom requirements as well as milk  & coffee for keeping your employees alert.




Purchasing discounted goods & dervices for your business through n3



On Account

on account

Choose from a wide range of n3 suppliers to trade on-account with. Once you're set, you trade directly with them - simply getting the n3 discount every time. An invoice is sent to you by the supplier. Click here for more information.






Trade Card

The Trade Card is for cash purchases in-store. Also available in an App for your convenience and ideal for those last-minute business needs.  The Trade Card gives you access to discounts with some of our suppliers. Click here for more information.



Popular suppliers in the Wholesale & Retail industry